The Custody Evaluation report by Dr. E. And Court – 

I clearly remember the day my attorney called me and told me the evaluation report came back . It was a Friday afternoon and he said “I haven’t read the full report, the meat of the report is the back two pages” he further went on to state that it didn’t come back in my favor. My stomach felt like it had jumped off a roller coaster, panic once again creeped on and my thoughts were racing. My attorney said as we discussed the outcomes your husband has filed a emergency motion for the following Monday to change visitation. You will need to be in court on Monday for the motion. He added that he would send the report to me after we ended our call and he wanted me to look over the report and go through each page to find any inaccuracies or omissions.

After the call ended I stalked my email for the next 30 minutes waiting for the report to come in. I cried imaging all types of sceneries. Finally, the report came through – I sat at my computer and it took me almost 3 hours to read it because tears were coming so fast and furious that I couldn’t see. I finally got up took a breather then came back to it. I printed out the report and sat on the couch this time more focused and prepared for what lie in front of me. I was absolutely floored that a “alleged” professional would write such a ridiculous report. The typos were abundant , the grammar absolutely terrible (not that mine is much better) and the amount of errors and omissions were unbelievable.

For instance in one paragraph Dr. E calls my daughters teacher Mrs -// when in fact the teachers name she listed is actually the name of the school. Dr. E then jumps into a 3 page tyrant of how I completed the MMPI test on two occasions as I didn’t finish in the first meeting. (Later it becomes known that he didn’t finish the MMPI either. However, Dr. E. failed to disclose that information in her report) Then she went on to state that it appeared I erased some of my answers. Due to this she scored the test two different ways one with the erasure marks (their were no erasure marks) and one without giving two different diagnosis, I quote verbatim ” On the first appointment she didn’t fully finish the test, so on the second session she was asked to complete it. It appeared she went home and researched the answers so evaluator scored the test two ways.” I was appalled that Dr. E would write such nonsense. Dr. E. Also said that I failed to cooperate with the evaluation process. In fact, she said she had to request a court order to make me compel to finish it. None of this is true how could she write this. 

Monday came the emergency motion for change of custody initiated by my soon to be ex. I was scared and nervous. My two best friends from church accompanied me to court for moral support as it was a possibility I could lose them. We drove together to court. I remember just being numb the entire car ride. We checked into court and I was looking around the sea of attorneys looking for mine. Their he was he pulled me off to the side and was talking to me while my friends were on the bench. It was time to go into court and hear what the judge was going to do with this ridiculous biased report. 

My counsel and my husbands counsel approached the bench when our case was called. His attorney argued like hell about how we need to change custody based on the custody report. Sitting on edge of my seat waiting for the judge to open her mouth to speak the words that held my fate. The judges response – “Mr. X do you know what month it is? My husband responded “Yes, it’s Nov ” the judge “you realize I gave your wife temporary residential custody back in January, and now your telling me it’s a emergency based on this report? I’m not buying it. Motion denied pending a second evaluation”. 

YES!!! I wanted to scream. This judge finally gets it – she sees what he’s doing. He’s using the court system to mentally and physically abuse me. Every motion every court date is all a staging act while I had filed two motions compared to his 31 motions. We leave the courthouse and I’m so relieved I don’t have to tell the children that their routine was going to change. They have been through so much – it wasn’t fair. 

In the car on the ride home my two friends  were talking about court, the people they saw the things they heard. We named it “zoo” because it’s similar to a bunch of wild animals running in and out of courtrooms negotiating deals that normal people could have done on their own. Yet they just wasted three times as much money. Then my friends get back on subject of the “suspicious lady” they named her that because she kept staring at them while they were sitting on bench and at me while I was talking to my attorney before court. I was oblivious to it all I didn’t notice. My friends further stated it looked like she worked their because she appeared to know her way around. Ok, this is weird who is she? Why was she so concerned    with my case? They described her in great detail – I couldn’t place her. 

Stay tuned to her “suspicious lady” identity and how she comes into play.

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