Leading up to Utter destruction

The events leading up to the divorce are heartbreaking to relive. You see my husband had planned to divorce me even before he asked me to marry him. I signed a prenuptial agreement while I was 41 weeks pregnant, the day we got our marriage license and 24 hours before we were married at the courthouse. I was in labor while signing the prenuptial so truth be told I didn’t read it much less understand it as I was in labor, I thought I trust this man he wouldn’t blind side me. Boy was I wrong the events only came to light of just how wrong I was during our divorce. I signed a prenuptial

that stripped me of my own assets and any marital assets. Basically it read everything was his including my own. Now who in their right frame of mind would sign that? Somebody in distress and being taken advantage of that’s who.

My husband plotted every move methodically he transferred money from joint to single back to joint and created a chaos of our finances in terms of untangling the movement of our finances. He controlled everything right down to the cell bill account. Everything  was password and pin protected he even had a pin on his phone. He saved text messages he hacked into my email and sent messages I know I didn’t send. He went into my brokerage account and liquidated all my holdings then

proceeded to wire transfer the money to his single name account. Leaving me with 250.00. His ultimate goal was to starve me out and when that didn’t work

he went after the children as he knew it would hurt me. He cleaned out our joint savings leaving a 1.00 in the account. This was the beginning of his true colors – manipulative, punitive and controlling, However my husband was no stranger to the court system having been arrested twice for battery once before we met which he had to have expunged as his job found out about it when he didn’t disclose it. The Second time was when our children were little and he was meeting his friends for dinner on a summer night in July. My husband was arrested for battery for a bar fight that he started yet blamed the other guy. The end result total embarrassment for our family his mug shot in

tbe paper and yet he blamed me for it. Excuse me I was home taking care of our children not attempting to be controlling and pick  fights with bar patrons at 6:00pm on a summer night

we hired an attorney and my husband made a deal with the other party not to testify at his trial if he did the same in return. The case was dismissed in November of that year bc witness failed to show.





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