Caught in a lie 

Our children were 3 and 5 when my husband moved out of marital home. At this point we are a year into the process , one biased custody report under our Belt and more court motions/dates than I care to count. I’ve accused my husband of videotaping exchanges (from summer of prior year) which upsets the children to point they don’t want to go. My husband out of blue requested curbside pick up/drop off that CB aka “suspicious lady” encouraged him to do in which I have to stay inside house and he at curb. Mind you I’ve already stated that their was no reason for  him to do this as no domestic violence or any other issues were present that would warrant this except him plotting his case. 

 At the beginning of 2nd year of divorce we did an exchange it was winter with snow and ice I pulled up to my husbands apartment and I open the van door (never leaving) the car for my daughter to get out (she is now 6 yrs old) he comes down from his apartment and stands at  entryway door to his apartment. He yells to our daughter to come on it’s only 10 feet. Our daughter gets out of van and slipped on ice below and started crying. I thought she might have hurt herself so I unbuckle and check her over and she climbed back in the van. My husband disappears into his apartment building and comes back out again  and tells our daughter to come on. She told him she was scared of snow and ice and wanted him to come get her. Do you think he thought of his motive or our daughter first ? His motive of course – he proceeds to go back inside his apartment building a third time only to return with his phone and starts recording right in front of me. WOW!! He’s gone completely insane – our daughter wigs out she shuts the Van door and hides on floor of van. He then proceeded to charge the van and holds up his cell phone to van window and screams “your denying me visitation by not letting our daughter out of the van and he’s banging on van passenger side window.”

Our daughter is hysterically screaming. I’m Thinking he’s completely lost what little marbles he has left – certifiably insane. I made the executive decision at that point to drive away from situation .

I drove home to which I emailed husband and stated chain of events. I also stated that after our daughter calmed down I would attempt another exchange provided he did not videotape her. His response “I was forced to videotape as you denied me visitation”. What am I reading? He’s a monster!!! – all he had to do was walk 10 feet pick her  up and be on his merry way for his weekend visit. Not to mention,  he finally admitted after 8 months of videotaping that he was doing it.  I’ve accused him the entire last eight months his response was always “your claims are without merit”, your allegations are completely false” all lies in his attempt to manipulate the system with “CB” behind him telling him what to do. 

My attorneys file a motion forcing him to turn over all videotapes in his possession. (I’m still not confident he turned them all over.) When they were finally received by my counsel in partial format they dated back to when I first accused him of it. In one video he is interrogating  our daughter to the point she was screaming/crying hysterically and obviously in duress. What does he do – he continues to interrogate and not console our 5 yr old daughter. The more videos I listened to the more emotional and sick yo my stomach I became. The tears came so fast and furious, I couldn’t breath. My heart ached for our children and why he was doing all this stuff. It’s completely unnecessary and it’s scarring our children. They only get one childhood – why is he destroying it? I realized he was mentally sick what kind of parent does this ~ why is he causing unnecessary stress and trauma! Bc only thing he cared about was HIMSELF and winning! First, the numerous woman who for lack of better term he just fucked  & used them for what he needed from them now he’s terrorizing our daughter. He’s a sick monster – I realize now it’s not me it’s him! He’s the reason our marriage ended bc he’s got emotional baggage from his childhood he never dealt with. (His father is an in and off again alcoholic, his mother covers it up. In his younger years his father was verbally abusive  to his mother and she took it. I’m more convinced my husband is depressed, antisocial , angry, controlling and punitive. 

Most of all he’s flat out crazy – he’s not all that and a bag of chips. He uses women for what he can get from them and dumps his cast aways to the side when they have fulfilled his need, 

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